We help schools embrace mobile technology and empower student learning.

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Our Digital Learning Revolution Tour brings the Mobile Classroom Experience to you!



Culture Development

We lead and organize events to reach every stakeholder and create the bond that gives a district one voice.

Mobile Integration Plan

We work with district leaders to create or complement their current strategic plan. 


Project Management

We assign a dedicated Project Manager (PM) to every deployment we oversee.


Balance the device security equation.


Professional Development


We make it easy to Build Your Own Professional Development by choosing your audience, content, and tools!

iSi Certified Teacher Program

Three days of intensive training designed to prepare teachers to lead mobile integration in their district.

iSi Certified Student Program

Training for high school students to be student leaders in their district’s mobile technology initiative.

The iSchool Initiative team of speakers and facilitators has provided expert guidance and a collection of comprehensive services for our digital innovation program in Anderson School District One. These services include a needs assessment, project management, parent and student support, and professional development that has energized a culture of mobile learning at each of our 14 schools.

Our district successfully deployed 7600 iPads during a three week period. Any district or school leadership that is planning a mobile learning initiative should consider a consultation with the iSi Team. Their support, guidance, and teamwork were invaluable to our district and the success of our program.
— Mr. David Havird - SUPERINTENDENT, Anderson School District One, SC

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