Teaching Workshops

“Why Do We Have to Learn This?” - Project Based Learning

Colleges and employers are looking for people that can think on the go, work in groups, and solve problems. Real world scenarios help your students answer the age old question, “Why do we have to learn this?” This session will teach you how to incorporate real world problems into your units. 

“Caves, Campfires, and Watering Holes” - Blended Learning 

Blended learning is the gateway to differentiated instruction as it allows students to work alone (caves), collaborate (campfires), and present (watering holes). It allows for the incorporation of whole group, small group, and online instruction in a seamless fashion. This session helps you incorporate the latest blended learning strategies into your instruction.

“Can You Google That?” - Advanced Questioning

Google can do many things, but it doesn’t help students learn to ask higher order questions. In a connected classroom, we need to be asking our students questions that Google CANNOT answer. Learn how to change the way you ask questions in a way that promotes curiosity and forces students to use problem solving and higher order thinking skills.

“You Typed WHAT Into the Search Bar?” - Advanced Search

Searching the Internet has become a skill itself—one that your students probably have not mastered. With so much information available at our fingertips today, the ability to find, filter, and apply is quickly becoming indispensable. Learn how to use the power of Google to help your students find relevant information from reliable sources.

“The Innovative Teacher’s Lounge” - Professional Learning Networks

Education trends and strategies are moving too fast for you to study yourself. With the power of thousands of educators around the globe, that task becomes not only manageable but also fun! In this session, learn how to harness the power of social media to connect and collaborate with innovative educators all over the world.

“Are You Flipping Crazy?” - Flipped Classroom

Wish you could spend more time helping your students solve real world problems and less time lecturing to them? Flip your classroom! By making background information available to them at home, class time is free to practice new skills and differentiate instruction. Learn about the methods and resources in this class.

“Game On”- Gamification

Your students are obsessed with games. Instead of treating games as a distraction, use them to your advantage. In this session, you will learn ways to incorporate games into your lessons to motivate your students in new and exciting ways.

“What’s Your Story?” - Digital Storytelling

Increasing buy-in for your lessons starts with allowing students to take ownership of the process. Learn new ways your students can demonstrate mastery of standards through storytelling. Empower your students to make choices in order to find and share their voices in this fun and interactive session. 

“You’re Going to Like This” - Social Media

It’s much more efficient to harness the power of social media to keep parents and community members informed about your class. From Twitter to Google+, innovative educators are sharing and collaborating with stakeholders using the powerful tools of social media. In this session, you will learn how to communicate and/or push information out using today’s hottest social media platforms.

“I Thought I Deleted That!” - Digital Citizenship

What happens when you “delete” that Facebook post? Or that embarrassing picture? What is cyber bullying? It’s important to protect our kids from embarrassing or even dangerous digital situations. Learn how to lead your students through the new frontier of the Internet and digital communications, helping them become responsible digital citizens.

“Meet at the Library?” - Digital Collaboration 

Collaborative work no longer has to take place in the classroom or at the library. Learn some tips on how to encourage your students to collaborate—not only with each other but also with students all over the world. Shared documents, video conferencing, and instant messaging are the tools of collaboration today. This session will teach you how your students can use them effectively.

Technology Workshops

Web 2.0 

Collaboration and cross platform functionality are two of the main ingredients to any Web 2.0 system. In this workshop, we explore productivity suites and online applications that will revolutionize the way you get work done inside the classroom. The World Wide Web is changing quickly, so lets stay ahead of the curve.

Google Apps

Google’s suite of apps is one of the greatest tools in the world of education. This online and interactive platform allows for amazing collaborative works, simple planning and coordination, and easy content creation that saves directly to the cloud. This workshop walks participants through Drive, Calendar, Gmail, Forms, and other tools. The best part? It’s all completely free.

iPad Boot Camp

This is a great introduction to the revolutionary tablet device that is sweeping the world’s schools. In this workshop, we will cover organizing your home screen, downloading and managing applications, working with text, troubleshooting connection problems, classroom display options, and many more. iPad Boot Camp is perfect for anyone who has just purchased iPads or anyone who wants to know more about them.


Want an easier way to manage your classroom? Check out Edmodo! Edmodo is one of the best free tools on the market for classroom management. Upload your syllabus, populate your classrooms, assign quizzes, track grades, and personalize teacher to student feedback. This is a valuable tool for any classroom and we will help you maximize it. 

Lightning Grader

Lightning Grader is a web-based application that allows educators to quickly and easily create assessment tools, grade tests, and immediately generate highly robust reports about student, class, and school performance. Our session allows the educator to explore the in-depth features of this product and easily integrate it into their workflow. 

Becoming an Effective Communicator with Prezi

This session will teach you how to create an engaging presentation one of today's best web tools. Prezi is free software for educators and students that allows building more engaging presentations. In this workshop, you will not only learn how to use Prezi. More importantly, you will also get a better understanding of how to be an effective communicator. 


The mission of Schoology is not just to provide the best LMS on the market today, but also to empower the educator. It's an educational community that adjusts to changing student needs, collective experiences, as well as improving as education and technology advances. Our workshop will help you revolutionize your classroom and build a more effectual workflow. 

Subject Specific Workshops

Learning in Motion

Think you need a gym membership to get fit and stay healthy? Workout training, nutrition advice, and the availability of health information are rapidly changing physical fitness and nutrition. We demonstrate how physical educators can use visually appealing and content rich applications to reconnect with their digitally native students.

Painting the Skies

An artist's world is limitless and always changing. As the digital age is upon us, it is no surprise that new methods of creating art are being discovered. Whether you are interested in sculpting, painting, design, or music, this session provides a peek into the world of the digital artist and tips for using technology more effectively in your school’s studio. 

Reading and Writing

Nothing has revolutionized reading more than the presence of tablets and smart phones. This workshop dives into the fun and engaging tools available for the fundamentals of reading and phonics. You will learn the basics for reading on an iPad as well as various applications that allow you to customize the curriculum and challenge each student.

Science and Math with SWAG

Science and math go hand in hand, so we created a workshop that does just that. In this seminar, you will find a variety of applications that are highly engaging, intuitive, and creative in the fields of math and science. This workshop uncovers a variety of real-world strategies that help you answer, “Where are we going to use this?” 

Sound Factory

Music has always helped students connect, but how do you help a student transition from being a music lover to creating their own masterpieces? Music teachers all over the US are integrating digital devices into their classrooms. Learn how music-based apps are keeping students engaged and eager to connect with the world around them.

Fun Workshops

Digital Scavenger Hunt

The Digital Scavenger Hunt is one of the most requested Fun sessions we offer. All you need is your mobile device and creativity! Explore all of the functions and possibilities of your device through the avenues of creativity and critical thinking. By the end of this session, you will have a better understanding of your device and ideas of how to use it in the classroom. 

Prezi Showdown

This Fun session is a follow-up to our highly requested workshop, “Rediscovering the Art of Presentation with Prezi”. In Prezi Showdown, educators with a working knowledge of Prezi explore the more in-depth features of the platform while competing with multiple opponents to create the best presentation in the shortest amount of time! Let the showdown begin!

Rock Star Challenge

This headliner is all about letting your inner air guitarist or dashboard drummer create music on a mobile device. Throughout the session, we focus on key applications that allow creativity while learning to produce digital music masterpieces. At the end, we feature a Battle of the Bands to highlight the individual’s creativity and explain how they composed such wonderful tracks. 


Taking Notes

Taking notes is an inescapable part of school. This workshop will demonstrate some of the best solutions for taking class notes on the iPad. By using a variety of applications, students can record class content in a way that best suits their comprehension and ability to recall. We focus on visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles and how each student can best employ their strengths in these areas.

Time Management

“Time isn't free. It’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back." - Harvey Mackay Research shows that an average employee wastes 3 out of 8 hours in a work day. This workshop is focused on how to use mobile technology to better manage your time and improve your organization skills.

List of Content and choosing process

1. Select your Audience:


High School


Middle School


Elementary School




2. Choose your Content:

21st Century Teaching and Learning

Project Based Learning - Learn how to incorporate real world problems into your units

Blended Learning - Using your space and your resources to maximize learning

Advanced Questioning - Learning how to ask questions Google cannot answer

Advanced Search - Learn how to “Find, Filter, and Apply”

PLN’s - Looking for all the “Innovative Teachers”? We know where they are

Popular Trends in Education

Flipped Classroom - Lectures at home and “homework” in the classroom

Gamification - Learn how to harness the power of games to inspire your students

Digital Storytelling - Learn how to empower your students to tell their story

Social Media - Learn how to leverage the power of social media for your families

Digital Citizenship - Know how big your digital footprint is? Neither do your students

Collaboration - Learn how your students can collaborate anytime, anywhere

Subject Specific






Social Studies

Language Art

Media Production





Google Apps for Education

Blended Learning

Career Pathways




3. Select your tools



MacBook Air/Pro


Android Tablets

Windows Tablets/Laptops




Chrome OS

Windows 8/8.1


Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Mobile Device Management (MDM),

Web 2.0/3.0, Blogging

Digital Lessons

Classroom Management

Presentation Media

Time Management

Taking Notes

Augmented Reality

Digital Communication

Google Apps


Microsoft Office