Our Workshops

Awakening your Creative Genius

Adapted from a highly successful keynote, this workshop edition of "Awakening your Creative Genius" inspires you to rediscover your creativity and gives you the tools to maintain it. Discover web tools that serve as engines of collaboration and creative potential energy to redefine your classroom experience.

Blended Learning

Review various applications and best practices used to facilitate the blended learning process.  Students need to learn how to transition from solely attending a “brick-and-mortar” school structure to using face-to-face classroom methods combined with computer-mediated and mobile activities.

Firewall Fortress - Security and Backup

There are various ways to secure your device both physically and virtually. We address issues such as password strength, secure email communication, filtering techniques, and measures to prevent phishing in this comprehensive workshop.


Gamification is one of the largest growing trends in education! We focus on gaming mechanisms and how to successfully introduce them to enhance the classroom experience. We help to turn your curriculum into a fun, interactive lesson where students compete and, most importantly, learn.

Google Apps

Google is one of the greatest tools in the world of education. This online and interactive platform allows for amazing collaborative works, simple planning and coordination, and easy content creation that saves directly to the cloud. This workshop is an introduction to Drive, Calendar, Gmail, News, YouTube/Khan Academy, and Google+ (the best part is, it’s all completely free).


Take a stroll through time for our history workshop and discover amazing applications that cover a wide variety of events and figures that shaped history as we know it today. We cover techniques to promote creative and engaging interaction and provide innovative and diverse historical content.

Hits the Fan

The best way to avoid a bad hair-day for you and your colleagues is with some helpful troubleshooting preparedness. Certain problems with loss of connectivity and usability when introducing new technology are common. We explain those issues in the simplest way, and show you how to navigate around the obstacles. 

iPad Boot-camp

The iPad is designed to be a simple piece of technology with a comfortable user interface and our iPad Bootcamp is perfect for anyone who has just acquired one. We review the basics of organizing your home screen, downloading and managing applications, working with text, troubleshooting connection problems, classroom display options, and much more.

Learning  in Motion

Think you need a gym membership to get fit and stay healthy? This workshop shatters the impression that technology is a detriment to children's health by demonstrating how Physical Education teachers can use interactive applications to teach workout training, nutrition advice, and other health information.

Lingo Tango

We discover native apps and other web tools that help teach foreign language and have a general understanding of other cultures. These applications cater to a variety of learning styles while gamifying the experience to make developing language skills fun!

Painting the Skies

Whether your interest is sculpting, painting, design, or music, this session will usher you into the world of Digital Art. Discover how to use technology to create magnificent and unique works of digital art and learn about research tools that can assist you in the studio.

Reading and Writing

Nothing has revolutionized reading more than the presence of tablets and smart phones. Dive into the fundamentals of reading and phonics and draw your attention to various applications that customize reading and writing curriculum to challenge each student.

Science and Math with SWAG

Experiment with a variety of applications that are highly engaging, intuitive, and inspire creativity in the fields of math and science. We use real life applications coupled with awesome web tools to show how these subjects impact our everyday lives in and out of the classroom.


Sound Factory

Music teachers all over the US are integrating digital devices into their classrooms to help students transition from being music lovers to authoring their own masterpieces. Learn how music-based apps are keeping students engaged and giving them access to a full orchestra of instruments on one device.

Social Media in the Classroom

Here's an exciting and interactive introduction to the wide world of social media. We examine the role of social media in our society and the ways in which students use it on a daily basis. Get started on Twitter and demo a social-based Learning Management System. We lead hands-on sessions where attendees learn to apply these social tools in the educational environment.

Storytelling Digitized

One of the best ways to teach is to tell a story. This workshop develops skilled digital storytellers who can captivate any audience by evoking strengths in different learning styles. We cover technical skills needed to create and also focus on the bigger picture of creative teaching styles in the classroom. Learn how to use new technologies in exciting ways to weave a story throughout your lessons.


Taking Notes

Learn about the best solutions for taking class notes on the iPad. Students can record class content in a way that best suits their comprehension and ability to recall. We focus on visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles and review how each student can best employ their strengths in these areas. 

Time Management

Time isn't free, it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back." -Harvey Mackay. Research shows that an average employee wastes 3 hours out of an 8 hour work day. Learn how to use mobile technology to more effectively manage your time, get more organized, and have leisure to yourself!

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is a term used to describe website applications that can be accessed from any internet browser. Collaboration and cross platform functionality are two of the main ingredients to any Web 2.0 system. We explore productivity suites and online applications that will revolutionize the way you get work done inside the classroom.