Do you have an idea of how your school can improve but have never had a chance to share it?

Are you passionate about technology?

Do you want to create a better learning environment?


iSchool Advocate Program.png

Join SLED • Students Leading Education

Become part of a trailblazing team of students and lead your school in positive change.

Travel and share your ideas and vision. 

Teach technology use to other students and teachers in your area. 

Start a digital revolution in your school. 

What is it?

This program starts with a three-day workshop where you'll learn to role model and leverage responsible use of technology. You will meet other bright students from your district and learn some awesome new skills:

★ How to be a compelling communicator

★ How to develop projects that positively affect culture in your school

★ How to lead and collaborate effectively

Plus much more. You will get to use your new skills to create a project/program that assists the technology deployment at your school.

Some projects created by students in SLED

Lost Learning Initiative - Students help teachers continue the learning even when students are absent or school is cancelled by using technology such as Edmodo.

Where’s My Bus - Students are developing a GPS app to track bus locations and notify parents when the bus is within a certain distance.

Foxy Tech Channel - Students created a YouTube channel with 30-second tech training videos for their teachers.

The Three E’s (Excite, Engage, Educate) - Weekly professional training provided by students for teachers.