What is it?

iSchool Initiative understands that one size does not fit all. That is why we have developed our very own, unique model for customizing professional development.  We call it BYOPD, or, Build Your Own Professional Development.

Objective: Create an environment that builds excitement for learning with technology and a desire to explore more.


  1. Provide best practices on using technology in the classroom today

  2. Leave audience with a desire to explore on their own

  3. Develop training that fits the needs of the school/district

We know that every school and district is different. They have different learning goals, different adoption timelines, and different reasons for wanting or needing professional development. We also know that if we want our professional development to be meaningful, engaging, and impactful, it needs to be custom tailored to the teachers and the students of each school. It allows administrators to piece together just the workshops they need to target specific areas. Our training is built by selecting from the following criteria:


  • Primary Teachers
  • Secondary Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Students


  • Subject
  • Pedagogy
  • Technology
  • Skill Sets


  • Anchors
  • Sailboats
  • Tugboats