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Virtual Learning Trees

Making Virtual Learning Awesome


Gamified virtual training equipping educators to work well in a blended learning environment


As we prepare for a blended learning environment, teacher training is more vital than ever before. But in-person training is not always possible, and hours of video calls does not often lead to knowledge retention. Virtual Learning Trees (VLT's) offer gamified, virtual training for teachers to work effectively in a blended learning environment.

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We believe Effective Virtual Learning Requires


Asynchronous Communication  //  Mastery-Based Learning  //  Gamification


We can partner in three different ways to bring our VLT technology to your school or district:

Deploy a Prebuilt game

Our team has created a handful of already build game boards that cover things like project based learning, remote learning, STEM tools, etc. You can pay to roll out one of these trainings to a select group of players and our team will assist in setting it up for your customers.  

Best for districts thinking:

We don’t have time to flesh out content but we know we need some training for our team that is relevant to the times.


Develop A Custom game together

Our team of content designers will work with you to create a custom board for your training needs. You focus on providing resources and content while our team focusing on creating the gaming challenges for each section.

Best for districts thinking:

We have a specific set of topics that we want our district to learn more about, we just need help creating challenges out of content areas to help gamify our content.  


Unlimited Access to Build Custom Games

Our team will provide up to 5 administrator licenses that will allow you to create your own game boards and then invite attendees to participate. Purchase of subscription comes with onboarding training to assist your PD development team with the ability to create to boards and distribute to attendees easily.

Best for districts thinking:

We have our own content that we want to regularly distribute to our team, and we can create challenges for each subject mattter, we just need access to software that we can customize to our needs.