Professional Development  //  Help teachers develop student problem solvers

Train your stakeholders to learn new ways of approaching education and develop problem-solving skills with students

We Believe PD Should:

Efficiently align with district goals

Role model how immersive learning can be created in class 

Create measurable, lasting impact

Escape Experiences

Escape experiences are face to face professional development programs designed for students, teachers, and administrators. These unique trainings combine the excitement and team-building of escape rooms with educational pedagogy. 

1 day

For Students and Teachers

Escape the Library

1 day

For Teachers and Administrators

Escape the Bus

1 day

For Teachers and Administrators

Escape the Conference

Certification Trainings

Increase your capacity to solve problems and innovate by implementing our training programs. These programs are a "train the trainer" model where we work with a select group of stakeholders with your district. 

3 days

For Students

Student Leadership

3 days

For Teachers 

Teacher Coaches

1 day

For Admin

Admin ThinkTank

Virtual Learning Trees

 As we prepare for a blended learning environment, teacher training is more vital than ever before. But in-person training is not always possible, and hours of video calls does not often lead to knowledge retention. Virtual Learning Trees (VLT's) offer gamified, virtual training for teachers to work effectively in a blended learning environment.


For All Stakeholders

Program Support Tools

Each program we create, regardless of the target audience, includes the following:

Measured Outcomes

Each program has preset metrics that it aims to achieve. We will help track and analyze the growth of those metrics. You also have the ability to add custom metric goals.

On-site Project Manager

We provide a staff member to work with you to coordinate logistics, supplies, creating an agenda, and have someone on-site during the actual event to help make sure everything runs smoothly.

Event Webpage

During the training program, you will have a custom web page to use with attendees. This page includes an agenda, allows for session registration, showcases all content shared, and collects user feedback. 

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