Teaching Platform


Make lesson planning more efficient, and lesson delivery more effective.

ClassFlow is a cloud-based platform for teachers that makes lesson planning more efficient and lesson delivery more dynamic. With ClassFlow, teachers can build and access interactive lessons from any web browser, share lessons with other peers and collaborate using the latest mobile and student response technology. ClassFlow helps teachers save time in the planning and setup stages of lesson development, and facilitate a more connected classroom. 

Storage: Keep everything in the cloud, so it is ready to go when you are. 

Organization: Store all of your favorite tools, websites, and teaching resources on ClassFlow for easy access, without the need to search multiple sources and open multiple browser windows. You can group all your favorite resources together, ready to pull into a new lesson at the touch of a button. 

Lesson Planning: Create your lessons using the simple lesson builder tool. Make edits, save changes, assess students, deliver and even share your lessons.

Feedback: Information goes two ways with ClassFlow. Send and receive feedback from your students - even photos!

Efficiency: Eliminate downtime in the classroom- just log in and get started.