Take your class on a QUEST

in-person or virtual gaming to develop students ability to think critically

Subscription Boxes  //  Simulating Real World Problems

QUEST is a classroom subscription that uses gaming concepts familiar to students while developing their ability to think critically and solve problems. Each year, a new season of QUEST is launched, immersing students in a new storyline. Each season of QUEST contains 7 Episodes designed to be played over the course of the class semester.

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Season 1 storyline

Our first season is set in a post-apocalyptic world where all adults have suddenly vanished. Students must work together to rebuild society and survive the myriad of challenges that lie ahead in their new world. Teachers role-play as an all-knowing Artificial Intelligence robot to assist their students as they embark on each month's QUEST.

Season 1 is built around the ISTE Standards for students. Each month’s QUEST box will directly reflect one of the standards and give students a hands-on experience of that standard.

Learn more about each episode of the Cataclysm QUEST
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