Project Manager

The big picture:


We are looking to hire a full-time project manager to oversee the implementation of our services & products to our customers. Our customers are primarily located in CA and TX but maybe anywhere in the country. This is a remote work job and we would preferably like someone who is located in UT, but this is not a requirement. Our programs are seasonal requiring more time during peak months. You will be responsible for managing the customer, logistics, booking our trainers, manage budgets, coordinating shipping items, assistance marketing events, etc.


Our primary services focus on sending professional trainers to teach teachers, sending our 40 ft Escape the Bus vehicles to districts/conference for events, and rolling out curriculum products to teachers in the classroom.


  • Book all travel for trainers traveling to programs, including hotel, ground transportation, flights, etc.

  • Managing regular communication with clients to identify their needs in the program

  • Select and book our trainers that will deliver the services

  • Ship products to clients or equipment team members will need on-site

  • Serve as a point of contact for both client and trainers during programs

  • Document all expenses per project and stay within a given budget.

  • Onboarding teachers who have bought our curriculum products, and providing ongoing customer support to them.

  • Assist clients with procuring needed marketing material for their events and helping them register attendees when needed.

  • Manage all of our events in Salesforce software and our own custom event platform.

Project Manager Requirements

  • At least 2 years of event management experience

  • Knowledge on efficiently and cost-effectively booking flights/hotel/cars

  • Extreme attention to detail

  • Excellent communication and listening skills when working with customers

  • Some level of experience with managing budgets

  • Able to work efficiently from home with a home office or professional space for video calls.

  • Expected to be readily available for other team members and clients during normal business hours

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