Our project manager ensures that the implementation of the strategic plan is seamless and successful. Rather than pile on extra responsibilities to a technology department or administrative team, our project managers will oversee the deployment and support staff along the way. Project managers are trained in all of our partner software and platforms to identify needs and find solutions as quickly as possible. In addition to the project manager, you will have access to the rest of the iSchool Initiative team when necessary.


To measure the success of a deployment, Project Managers work closely with the administrative and technology team to do the following:

  • Provide experience based guidance for rollouts, deployments, and solutions

  • Craft personalized manuals for admin, tech staff, teachers, and students

  • Prepare any support materials needed in terms of process and procedure

  • Work with the district and iSchool Professional Development Director to identify future PD needs and supports

  • Collaborate and communicate district and school goals for the deployment

  • Collaborate and communicate district and school goals for student achievement

  • Determine high needs areas for a successful deployment and address those needs

  • Assess areas for partner solutions and work to involve partners to solve problems