Why is this program important?

For many years, education has put technology in the classroom for the sake of technology. If a district's vision is to put tablets in the classroom, then all we’ll get at the end of the program is “tablets in the classroom”. It’s essential to bring in all the stakeholders and identify the real objective with any technology initiative. We have to go beyond just looking at the device and really ask ourselves, “How will this change the way I learn and teach?” We cannot just replace what we have always been doing with technology and expect different results. We have to find ways that technology can transform the learning experience.

“The iSchool Initiative team of speakers and facilitators has provided expert guidance and a collection of comprehensive services for our digital innovation program in Anderson School District One. These services include a needs assessment, project management, parent and student support, and professional development that has energized a culture of mobile learning at each of our 14 schools.

Our district successfully deployed 7600 iPads during a three week period. Any district or school leadership that is planning a mobile learning initiative should consider a consultation with the iSi Team. Their support, guidance, and teamwork were invaluable to our district and the success of our program.”

- Mr. David Havird, Superintendent, Anderson School District One

We built a mobile device integration plan for Anderson School District One, SC, and helped implement the district’s three year program. Here are a few highlights:

  • Created a plan with an estimated budget of $7,000,000 over three years

  • 6 months after the initial plan, 8,000 tablets were deployed district wide for a 1:1 initiative

  • The plan had 100% buy-in from board members to approve project

  • Successfully provided the district with tablets, casing, carts, warranty, mobile device management, a learning management system, and upgrades to the wireless infrastructure.

  • Created a three year professional development plan, including annual district-wide conferences for teachers, community events, district leadership training, student training, and regular monthly training for teachers.