iSchool Initiative Partner Program

Hey there partner! Mobile device initiatives can be a difficult thing to manage. We can compliment the services your company offers with training and culture building programs that help make schools successful. School Administrators are often searching for quality professional development but not sure where to turn. Now you can help us help them!

Cisco benefits of being an iSchool Initiative Partner

Greater chance of success for your client’s mobile initiative, which leads to additional business and opportunity. 

1:1 and BYOD programs are often rolled out in phases where subgroups are targeted - these groups might be 9th grade centers, new schools, or at-risk populations. We provide support services for Culture Building and Teacher Training to make sure these Pilot initiatives are rolled out successfully, accelerating the need for future network infrastructure at additional schools.

Problems we solve for the school district

Districts often have trouble building a mobile deployment plan or getting funding approved-we’ve built dozens of these plans for various size districts.

Schools need help converting the “anchors” (technology resisters) into “sailboats” (board/community/teachers that lead the way). We have culture building activities that are designed to get buy-in from every stakeholder in the community.

Administrators need help getting their teachers trained on the tools (devices, curriculum sharing, and web 2.0 tools). We have over 30 different workshops and BYOPD modules (Build Your Own Professional Development).


Services we provide

We have 11 different products that are priced from $2K up depending on the number of attendees.  
Vision: Tech Plan Development

Training: Teacher and Student Certification programs, Build Your Own PD modules, iSi Affliated Conference

Culture Building: DLR Tour Bus (representing Cisco Solutions),   Keynote Presentations (Travis Allen & Arvin Ross), Pep Rallys, Community Awareness Events. 

We can work with you to package our services along with Cisco solutions, or work with the district directly. We usually build “Bundles” of our services in order to address specific issues. Share this link with your customers to provide some pricing guidance:

iSi Leadership Summit

iSchool Initiative and Cisco have partnered to put together an event around supporting district leaders in 1:1 or BYOD initiatives. Not only will you hear from national leaders, but you will also have time to collaborate and share best practices with each other.

Cisco - This group is the main host and leader of the conference.

  • Registering attendee’s, securing a venue, providing lunch

  • Providing the right technical equipment for presenter rooms

iSchool Initiative - This group provides content for conference.

  • Scheduling for the day

  • Creating and delivering the keynotes, workshops, and DLR Tour bus

Attendee’s - The event will be targeted towards key decision makers and current Cisco clients. The goal is to have 30 to 40 people attend, representing 5 to 10 districts. This may include the following:

  • Superintendents

  • Assistant superintendents

  • Directors of technology

  • IT leaders

  • Instructional leaders

Technology has become a huge part of the classroom but, unfortunately, it is not always used as effectively as it can be. Schools, Districts, and even Countries all seem to be “recreating the wheel” - implementing mobile deployments and making the same mistakes as others. More “cross-pollination” and sharing of best practices is essential for school districts to create a learning initiative that leads to success. In addition, we want to help Cisco go beyond the IT conversation.

When should you bring us in?

Pre deployment (when a district is planning or trying to start an initiative).

If the district seems to have issues with building the right culture.

If you don’t believe they have the right training components in place.

Our sweet spot is school districts from 3000 to 15000 students, but we can help any school district. 


How do you bring us in?

Contact Michael Edwards,, 770-656-6323, to schedule a discovery call.

Refer your client to or your specific partner page.  

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