Option 1 Have iSchool Initiative founder, Travis Allen, provide a 1 hour keynote for a district.

✪ Provide valuable content to your client in order to build a stronger relationship. 

✪ Bring in key decision makers who you might not normally get an audience with. For example, superintendents and instructional leaders. 

✪ Motivate the district to move forward quickly with a game plan to implement technology effectively. 

Option 2 Bring iSchool Initiative’s DLR Tour bus to set up at a school or district for the day. 

✪ Have district leaders, teachers, parents, or students experience what technology can do at its full potential. 

✪ Showcase Cisco products on the bus, as well as other valuable tools for technology initiatives.

✪ Create a WOW experience for the district!

Option 3 Bring the DLR Tour bus and Travis Allen to provide a keynote and an interactive experience for the district!