We have partnered with NW BOCES

iSchool Initiative and NW BOCES have partnered to provide school districts an opportunity to participate in our iSchool Advocate Program! Districts will be able to send a selected group of students to our three day program over the summer to develop student technology leaders. There are a limited number of seats for each district, so register early to make sure your students don’t miss out!

iSchool Advocate Student Program

Empower students to model, inspire, and facilitate change through technology at the local school level.

✪ Create positive agents for change that help facilitate ongoing technology initiatives throughout the district while learning important STEM, leadership, and collaboration skills

✪ Model 21st century learning (ISTE Standards for Students

✪ Create projects that inform, build excitement for, and support technology learning initiatives

At the end of the program, Advocates create several projects to assist the district in their technology initiative. Here are a couple of examples of student projects at Keller ISD, Texas:

Life Lessons Class - A group of Advocates is organizing a class where students learn life lessons. They focus on topics that don't necessarily fit into regular class curriculum, and skills needed after you graduate high school, such as how to file taxes and build good credit.

Teacher Student Assistants - Students work to become teacher assistants, with a focus on integrating technology into each class.

Our students' desire to use technology in the classroom was surpassing their daily learning experiences. We knew the key to improvement was tied to giving them the opportunity to share their voice and equipping them with skills to allow them to make the changes they wanted to see.
In the summer of 2015, NISD hosted our inaugural iSchool Advocate program. During this three day academy, students were given the opportunity to develop projects, fine tune their presentation skills, and take ownership of what it means to be a 21st century learner. The result was far greater than we could ever have imaged. The advocates stepped up to the plate and became leaders in every sense of the word. Opportunities are opening for them to share their vision, devise innovative solutions, and play a role in education beyond the realm of NISD. Of all the decisions I have been involved in, the commitment to put student voice at the forefront of our technology initiative has been the most powerful. Ultimately, our students are the key to changing the future and it is our responsibility to ensure they have the tools and opportunities to make their vision a reality.

- Cara Carter, Director of Instructional Technology, Northwest ISD 

During the three days that we did the iSchool initiative training, we learned problem solving and teamwork skills. We were taught how to use technology effectively and efficiently and then uncovered a problem that we wanted to see fixed in the school. What made iSchool different from any other training was that it actually gave you the tools and confidence to follow through with your ideas rather than just imagine what a school would look like with that problem fixed.  Since then I have been asked to be a part of multiple panels for teachers, spoken at 3 different conferences and have been working with my team towards our goal set during the summer workshop.

- Cooper Peacock, Tidwell Middle School/8th Grade, NISD iSchool Student Advocate