We work with district leaders to create or compliment their current mobile technology plan by developing an adaptable roadmap that makes transition manageable. We support the district every step of the way towards a 1:1/BYOD model.

There are three phases to building your integration roadmap:

Needs assessment - Where We Are Today  

We work with the district to send surveys to administrators, teachers, students, and parents to gather information in the following areas:

  1. Culture - Are your teachers ready or afraid of this change? Do your students understand what it means to be a responsible digital learner in the information age? Are parents informed of the changes and their new role?

  2. Infrastructure - Is your Wifi ready to handle the new technology? How is your security? Have you considered device charging, storing, and enrollment?  

  3. Financials - What is feasible at the moment? How aggressive will the plan be? Are there sources for additional funding?

The goal of this phase is to evaluate where the district is today. It may take a week or more to gather all the correct information.