We help schools embrace technology and create a positive culture of lifelong learning.

Motivational Programs

Our inspirational Keynotes and Escape the Bus interactive experience will motivate your entire district to embrace technology and start innovating! 

Discover the Keys to Lifelong Learning



You have 30 minutes to find all the clues hidden inside the “mobile classroom on wheels”! You will have to work as a team in order to go through each station and solve the problem to discover the secrets of lifelong learning. In the process of finding clues you will learn about new technology to use in the classroom, the importance of student voice, and the history of iSchool Initiative. Most of all, you will have fun! 


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Inspirational Keynotes by iSchool Initiative Founder, Travis Allen

Take a journey with college student, Travis Allen, and learn what it means to be a lifelong learner! This concept has an entirely new definition in today's Information Age, and it requires us to create new skills while at the same time embracing our inner student. Discover how we sometimes obstruct our own path to the best possible education without knowing it. And, most importantly, learn how to cultivate the right environment to break past these barriers. 


What the audience thinks about our keynotes:

Travis talks to teachers as if he has been doing it for a decade - he is comfortable, funny, and loaded with insights on how mobile technologies can be of value in an educational setting. Travis is a dynamic presenter and I suspect will be a favorite on the education circuit for years to come.
— Ruston Hurley, Executive Director at Next Vista for Learning
I attended Travis’ presentation at the Palm Beach School District tech conference, and he had every teacher in the room eating out of his hands. His passion shows in everything that he does, and he has the smarts to back it up. I look forward to hearing another one of his presentations.
— Adam Bushman, Marketing Director at ParentLink