Device Deployment Solution

Building excitement and establishing the culture for technology integration is key to having a successful deployment. We provide the content to support an amazing experience for both the students and faculty.

iSchool Initiative’s Device Integration Model will provide best practices for building and sustaining a positive culture for integrating devices within personalized learning environments.  Now that you have selected your device, iSchool will support your school’s Device Integration Model in two main areas:   

  • Device Deployment Solutions

  • Culture Building Workshops

Developing your Device Integration Model

iSchool will coordinate with the school-based and district-level device deployment teams to organize the school’s device integration model.  

Culture Building Workshops

This solution is designed to ensure the alignment of the device deployment goals with the integration model. Select activities from the Culture Building Workshop Menu to include within your device integration model:

  • Digital Citizenship Videos - optional lessons/activities via CommonSense Media

  • Digital Responsibilities - school specific classroom norms and protocols

  • Digital Guidelines - respectful, responsible and safe guidelines and commitments  

  • Device Discovery - guided exploration activities of device features and app(s)

Device Deployment Support

This solution is designed to ensure the alignment of the device deployment goals with the distribution model. This includes the following:  

  • a three-hour pre-deployment planning session
  • coordination of the selected deployment solutions
  • coordination of the deployment day schedule and resources
  • coordination of iSchool Advocates to support device deployment  (for Middle and High Schools only)
  • iSchool Device Deployment staff members on deployment day

BYOPD - Build Your Own Professional Development

Create an environment that builds excitement for learning with technology and a desire to explore more.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all. This is why we have developed our very own, unique model for customizing professional development. It allows administrators to piece together just the workshops they need to target specific areas.