Mobile Device Management


Automate compliance standards, app distribution, and restrictions across multiple platforms.


A powerful Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution is vital to allow Technology Directors full control over students' devices, managing content, apps, student data, device tracking and many other important functions.

AirWatch is one of the fastest-growing MDM solutions in the world. They work with organizations ranging from Six Flags to the Army Corps of Engineers. In the education arena, they have managed mobile deployments at UCLA, Loyola University, and the entire McAllen Independent School District in Texas. 

Initial Setup: AirWatch and iSi Team assist technology directors in developing a forward-thinking organizational structure within the MDM software, ensuring that administrators have proper access. iSi Team will also assist with the enrollment of all devices.

Profiles: Profiles can be configured with both time and geographic sensitivity (geofencing). Administrators can manage content, control and reset passwords, configure email, update contacts and calendars, manage WiFi configurations, set up VPN, push internal and public application installations, web filtering, and more. 

Compliance: It's easy for administrators to maintain compliance with all district policies concerning content exposure, student data, and employee privacy by setting escalation levels to respond to devices not in compliance. For example, a student device with unapproved apps will receive a warning. If the problem continues, the student can have his/her device data wiped off or be referred to administration.

Secure Content Locker (SCL): Standalone app that provides a secure distribution process for all sensitive documents between the district’s devices. All data is encrypted at a 128-bit level and can be configured with certificates for greater security.

Device Tracking: Monitor device locations and if a device is reported stolen, it can be tracked to assist police in recovery.