Learning Management


Teach, communicate, and collaborate more effectively across multiple platforms.

Schoology has redefined the traditional learning management system to be a more effective tool at all education levels by providing a collaborative, blended learning experience.

With a versatile education platform that streamlines content management, Schoology enables improvement through a collective effort and engages young students with technology they actually enjoy. This award-winning approach complements any educational environment and ensures a richer learning experience for both instructor and student. 


Instructor Tools: Schoology’s versatile platform empowers instructors with dynamic course creation and management tools, a global community for sharing resources and best practices, and comprehensive analytics for free.

Integration Platform: Our open-access API integration makes Schoology more versatile by allowing third-party technologies—such as SISs, CMSs, and a growing number of educational apps—to be seamlessly integrated into a single platform for convenience and scalability.

Curriculum Management: The flexible, connected nature of Schoology’s interface facilitates unique curriculum management. Utilizing standards-compatible content creation, sharing, and tracking, it provides in-depth oversight that allows for greater focus on meeting student needs and improving student outcomes.

Global Learning Community: Arguably the most useful resource an instructor can have, the Global Learning Community provides access to resources, professional development, best practices, and personal experiences from passionate instructors locally and around the world.