Additional Workshops:

Becoming an Effective Communicator

"Becoming an Effective Communicator" will teach you how to create an engaging presentation with today's web tools. Prezi, is a free software for educators and students that allows building presentations that are not just linear. In this workshop you will not only learn how to use Prezi, but more importantly, you will also better understand how to be an effective communicator on stage.

"Can you Google that?" - Advanced Questioning

Are you asking questions that Google can answer? In a connected classroom, we need to be asking our students questions that Google CANNOT answer. Learn how to change the way you ask questions in a way that promotes curiosity and forces students to use problem solving and higher order thinking skills.

Top Ten Barriers for Mobile in the Classroom

There have been many consistent challenges that schools face as they move towards a 1:1 or BYOD environment. It takes more than just putting tablets in the classroom to create a successful learning environment. You have to build the right infrastructure, create a solid vision, and most importantly, create the right culture. In this session, we will discuss best practices and how to overcome some of the biggest barriers in your mobile deployment. 

Becoming a Key Influencer with Social Media

Geared for those who want to learn more, this workshop presents an exciting and engaging introduction to the wide world of social media. In this workshop we will examine the role of social media in our society and the ways in which students are using it in their daily lives. Attendees will get started on Twitter, Blogging, and Pinterest. We then progress to a hands-on session where attendees learn to apply social media tools in the educational environment.

Building a Culture that Thrives in the 21st Century

You can put as much technology as you want in the classroom but it doesn't mean change will happen. If your teachers, students and parents are not bought in, then your initiative will not succeed. Learn about how to cultivate the right culture around technology adoption.


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