What iSchool Advocates say about the program:  

Students from Anderson School District 1

If you’re looking for a word to describe how powerful and inspiring iSchool Initiative is, good luck. It is an absolute privilege to be a part of such a passionate and dedicated team to help influence the world around us. Watch out world, iSchool Advocates are on our way to save the world!
I walked into Powdersville high school on Monday not knowing what I want to do in life and I walked away with a pretty good idea of what I now want to become.
These past four days have been spectacular and inspiring on so many levels. Choosing to be an iSchool Advocate was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Meeting some of the most amazing people, learning new things, and becoming involved in a huge movement!

Students from Foxborough Public Schools

iSchool Initiative is one of the most inspirational, supportive and fun teams I’ve ever worked with. For three straight days I learned more about myself than I had ever thought possible, while learning key skills that will benefit me and my community. If I could, I would sit through this training every day for the next ten years.
I was very impressed with all of the people and how they interacted with us and how they treated us. It was very enjoyable and I learned a lot. I loved how you told us not to wait to change the world and that we need to make a change today. I was inspired by what Travis did with his idea.