Human Intelligence Summits

Creating a culture of problem solvers in the wake of COVID-19

   Summit Overview   

Knowledge is no longer power. Before the internet, it was. Attaining knowledge was a valuable use of one’s education because knowledge was a limited resource only available to those who attained a quality education.

But in the information age, technology has made knowledge is a commodity. AI will forever be faster at finding and even filtering information than we can be. Since it’s impossible to compete with artificial intelligence, education should focus on developing the skill sets that are unique to humans (human intelligence). We shouldn't spend our primary education years, the most creative years of life with the fewest liabilities holding us back, trying to memorize information that we can find online in a manner of seconds. What if instead education focused on taking known information and having students leverage it to solve the biggest problems facing their schools, communities, and world? 


Host one of our summits in 2020 to facilitate an immersive professional training for district administrators and join us in a discussion on how we can develop Human Intelligence with our students.

Thanks to our partners making the Summit Experience and Escape Bus stops possible!


Discussion Highlights Include:

  • Student Voice and Leadership

  • Developing a Culture for Innovation

    • Growth Mindset, Technical Literacy, and Self-efficacy

  • Disruptive Technology

    • Networking, communication tools, security, management, etc.

  • School Safety

  • Designing Curriculum around the 4 C’s

    • Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration

  • Creating students who are problem solvers, not test-takers

Summit Schedule



PD Escape Experience & Workshops

Student Presentations

& Lunch

Develop Projects for COVID 



  • Education's future in a quickly changing economy 

  • Educators' changing role in student success Leveraging technology in the classroom

  • Role model hands-on professional development

  • Showcase resources & strategies to engage students 

  • Build comradery across departments

  • Learn how your students can & are supporting tech initiatives 

  • Discuss how your current strategy impacts students 

  • Gain clarity on what students need from a tech strategy

  • Each district will brainstorm new challenges they are facing with COVID-19 this school year

  • Using design thinking practices, teams will then create action plans to solve those problems

Why Districts Should Attend

Expand Your Vision

Take a step back from the day to day and look at the bigger picture with your team.

Learn Best Practices

Hear from national leaders and surrounding districts on strategies for improving technology adoption and culture. 

Create Action

Take those best practices and create a realistic but aggressive action plan to implement ideas and solve problems.

Earn a day with our Escape Bus Experience

Each district that attends will schedule a full day with our bus for up to 75 site educators & administrators

How to Implement a Summit

Apply to be a Summit Host

  • Choose the top 3 dates for you to host a summit between January - December 2020

  • Our team will reach out to set the exact date 

  • Submit your preferred dates before November 1, 2019 to reserve a Summit date for your county

Schedule space + catering for the Summit

  • We will assign you a project manager to assist in coordinating logistics

  • You should be prepared to host and feed approximately 80 attendees 

Select District Teams

Assemble roughly 10 district teams to participate. District teams should be 4 to 5 administrators. Here is an example of a team would like to see.  

  • TOSA

  • Principal

  • Head of IT

  • Asst. Sup. of Instruction

  • District Superintendent

Note: The goal is to have a diverse set of decision-makers in order to create the best action plans. 

Schedule the Bus

  • We will coordinate the escape the bus stops with each district while they are at the summit

  • Based on availability, we can schedule bus stops immediately following the summit or months in advance

  • Bus stops are ideal for teacher PD days

Who Is Invited to Host

We are looking for counties that see value in providing this immersive professional development day for the districts they serve. Because of our sponsors, starting in 2020, we will be able to provide this entire experience and the Escape the Bus at no cost to the County Office or Districts. 


If you would like to commit your County Office to host one of these events and become part of our mission to develop Human Intelligence, you can complete the following form below.

Next Step Apply to Host

**Please provide dates from different months throughout Jan-Dec 2020

Reminder: If selected as a host, you are committing your county office to host, cater, and drive registration from the districts you serve. 

Thanks to our partners making the Summit Experience and Escape Bus stops possible!

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We're on a mission to develop students who solve problems that technology can't. Join us.

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