Approved list of services for Fulton County School System


iSi Certified Learner Program

Getting students involved in your mobile initiative is the most effective way to ensure a positive culture shift and successful rollout. Empower students to model, inspire, and facilitate change through technology at the local school level.

  • Integrates ISTE Standards for students
  • Creates Student Leaders (the iSchool Advocates)
  • Produces group projects designed to enhance the technology initiative

Tour Stops

We get everyone onboard and on the same page - this is the key to building a strong culture. We show the possibilities to communities, students and institutions in an fun exciting way. When you have buy-in from everyone involved, change is welcomed instead of resisted.

  • Models 21st Century Teaching and Learning
  • Creates a fun, engaging experience that will excite and inspire
  • Shares the inspiring message of a student-founded organization

Individual Presenters/Facilitators

Personalized learning for students begins with individualized attention for teachers. Our facilitators can provide 1 on 1 coaching as well as supplement existing Professional Learning days.

  • Facilitates workshops in a conference like atmosphere
  • Provides 1 on 1 coaching
  • Accommodates small group and specialized modules

Kick Off Events

This is one of the most memorable and exciting ways to launch your program. iSchool Initiative works closely with school leadership to plan a full day of activities and distribution of technology to the student body. This event may include, a keynote/pep rally, device casing and distribution, and several workshops.

  • Engages all students through a Pep Rally/Keynote message
  • Integrates iSchool Advocates to assist with deployment
  • Student Conference with workshops such as Digital Citizenship, Digital Scavenger Hunt, Music Workshop and many more.

Community Events

Bring awareness to parents and the community on why technology initiatives are vital to their children's success. Get parents on your team by providing a unique experience and a chance to buy into your vision for technology.

  • Keynote by Travis Allen
  • DLR Tour Experience
  • Panel discussion with District/School leadership and our team to give parents an open forum for questions.

 ➦ For more information contact Michael Edwards  • • (770) 656-6323