We're here to support Fulton County Schools

Fulton County School District has contracted iSchool Initiative to support its district-wide 1:1 program. iSchool Initiative is here to help schools in two major ways: 

1. Developing student leaders

FCS has contracted iSchool to train ten student advocates at each Middle and High school.

10 Students at $630 per student or $6300 (already included)

Add 5 - $600 Per Student or $3000

Add 10 - $580 Per Student or $5800

Add 15 - $540 Per Student or $8100

2. Supporting technology rollout events

These services are already available to you as part of the FCS plan for technology integration. Please complete the form at the bottom of this page to take advantage of iSchool’s support in preparation for your deployment.

What is the iSchool Advocate Program?

Objective: Empower students to model, inspire, and facilitate change through technology at the local school level.


  1. Create positive agents for change that help facilitate ongoing technology initiatives throughout the district while learning important STEM, leadership, and collaboration skills.

  2. Model 21st century learning (ISTE Standards for Students)

  3. Create projects that inform, build excitement for, and support technology learning initiatives
  4. Develop Deployment Day Support manned by the iSchool Advocates

We work with educators to select students from each school to be student leaders. These students work with the district to help create policy, recommend current apps and content, assist in organizing and fulfilling potential deployment days, and represent the student body in decisions related to technology. The program is delivered through a three-day workshop where our facilitators coach the students to role model and leverage responsible use of technology. After the program, local advisors take on managing and supporting the students for the rest of the school year.

The program integrates ISTE’s core standards for students:

  1. Creativity and Innovation

  2. Communication and Collaboration

  3. Research and information fluency

  4. Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making

  5. Digital citizenship

  6. Technology operations and concepts

At the end of the program, Advocates will have created several projects to assist the district in a technology initiative. Here are a few examples of projects from prior programs:

Lost Learning Initiative - Students help teachers continue the learning even when students are absent or school is cancelled by using technology such as Edmodo.

Where’s My Bus - Students developed a GPS app to track bus locations and notify parents when the bus was within a certain distance.

Foxy Tech Channel - Students created a YouTube channel with 30-second tech training videos for their teachers.

The Three E’s (Excite, Educate, Engage) - Weekly professional training provided by students for teachers.

Watch the videos to see the Program in Action


Schedule of Events

Fulton Personalized Learning Group Roll Out (click the image to download the PDF)

Fulton Personalized Learning Group Roll Out (click the image to download the PDF)

The school administrator or designee should complete this form to secure the iSchool Advocate Student Program and Deployment Support.

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