Would you like to continue the learning and bring this kind of escape experience to your classroom? 

iSchool Initiative has partnered with Breakout EDU to help you recreate this experience!

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The following links will help you get started with a Breakout EDU kit, learn how to set up a game, access the game library, and even create your own custom games to use in the classroom!



iSchool Initiative has partnered with MyStemKits to help bring a 3D-printable, hands-on STEM experience.

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Be a part of the STEM Movement - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math can now be more interactive and engaging. With hands-on learning students can now be involved in the design creation and testing of the subject matter at hand.

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Creating engagement through exploration and experiential learning in a student-centered environment defines the zSpace learning experience.

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Don’t just see the world — experience it. Swim with a school of dolphins, take in the full majesty of the Taj Mahal — even explore the world’s most famous paintings in a virtual museum. With Daydream View, you can teleport from virtually anywhere to pretty much everywhere.

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