Escape the Library

Role Modeling Pedagogy 


Facilitate student-led learning

experiences with practical 

classroom takeaways

Escape the Library provides a highly interactive training session for both students and educators. This immersive learning experience empowers participants to work in teams and explore various hands-on STEAM-based stations. Each station focuses on different learning styles, allowing diverse teams to thrive and individual team members to take turns leading in their area of expertise. Following each experience, our on-site team facilitates a powerful debrief on how both students and educators can work together to reflect the principles of these gamified and diversified learning environments in their daily learning.

Role model educating to the 4 C's

Critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity are each essential and interconnected components to completing the challenges and "escaping" in time as a group.

Showcase resources & strategies to engage students

Participants will interact with a variety of technologies and learning strategies that can be implemented into daily learning practices by both students and educators.

Build comradery across departments and classes

Break down social barriers with interconnected challenges that require effective communication and collaboration in a time-pressured environment, creating an unforgettable shared experience for all involved.






prep days

Per session, up to 7 sessions/day

Ideal for students and educators

Can vary based on location

Role modeling


Esape the Bus

Experience Station Based Learning

Escape the Conference

Incentivize students to maintain devices

Student Leadership Training
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