Save the future classroom!

An unexpected shift has occurred in time. Students are dropping out of school utterly bored and defeated. We need your help! The only clues we have are pieces of a student’s notebook. You and your team must find these clues and solve the problems this student has left behind in order to reawaken lifelong learning! You only have 30 minutes… What will you do?


Leave participants with a desire to adopt technology.

Provide examples and resources that can be taken and applied to the classroom.


Role Model the ISTE standards and encourage more problem solving.

Why we created this experience

iSchool Initiative saw a huge need in today’s education system to reinvent what active teaching and learning look like. Escape the Bus demonstrates the Four C’s using core components of Escape Rooms, educational strategies, and technology to create an unforgettable experience.

Explore our Escape the Bus Vehicles:


Student Voice

Your team has 30 minutes to discover the power of student voice and unlock the key to Lifelong Learning!


You and your flight crew have to use the technology around you to repair your rocket ship before you all perish!

Creative Problem Solving

Explore the past and the adventures of an underwater sea vessel by using digital tools to collect data, and explore abstract models.

What people think about the experience

“The experience entailed 100% engagement and allowed for application of different skills, cognitive and hands-on, to occur.”


— Teacher from Fulton County Schools, GA


“Loved it! I'm a big fan of escape rooms already, and yours was a neat way to connect the trend to a "classroom" experience. I look forward to working out details to bring your bus to my school.”


— Teacher from Fulton County Schools, GA


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