We help schools embrace technology and create a positive culture of lifelong learning.

Culture Development Programs

We build culture. Our programs are designed to create a team-building experience, motivate natural leadership, and inspire action at the local school level!

iSchool Advocate Student Program

Create positive agents for change that help facilitate ongoing technology initiatives throughout the district while learning important STEM, leadership, and collaboration skills.


This three-day program empowers students to model, inspire, and facilitate change through technology at the local school level. The program integrates ISTE’s core standards for students!

We work with educators to select students from each school to be student leaders. These students work with the district to help create policy, recommend current apps and content, assist in organizing and fulfilling potential deployment days, and represent the student body in decisions related to technology.

The program is delivered through a three-day workshop where our facilitators coach the students to role model and leverage responsible use of technology. After the program, local advisors take on managing and supporting the students for the rest of the school year. 

During the program, Advocates create several projects to assist their schools in the technology initiative. Here are a few examples of projects from prior programs:

Lost Learning Initiative - Students help teachers continue the learning even when students are absent or school is cancelled by using technology such as Edmodo.

Where’s My Bus - Students developed a GPS app to track bus locations and notify parents when the bus is within a certain distance.

Foxy Tech Channel - Students created a YouTube channel with 30-second tech training videos for their teachers.

The Three E’s (Excite, Educate, Engage) - Weekly professional training provided by students for teachers.

What iSchool Advocates say about the program:

I was very impressed with all of the people and how they interacted with us and how they treated us. It was very enjoyable and I learned a lot. I loved how you told us not to wait to change the world and that we need to make a change today. I was inspired by what Travis did with his idea.
— Foxborough Public Schools, MA
These past four days have been spectacular and inspiring on so many levels. Choosing to be an iSchool Advocate was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Meeting some of the most amazing people, learning new things, and becoming involved in a huge movement!
— Anderson School District 1, SC

iSi Certified Teacher Program

Empower teacher leaders with a way to provide peer-to-peer professional development that informs, builds excitement for, and supports technology learning initiatives.


This train-the-trainer three-day program gives leading teachers a way to model 21st century teaching/coaching (ISTE Standards for Coaches), and share best practices throughout the district! Each program involves between 15-20 educators. The program empowers individuals who are:

  • Forward thinking educators with a passion for using instructional technologies and 21st century teaching and learning
  • Thought leaders who are not afraid to put new teaching practices to the test
  • Ambassadors for change who model appropriate use, responsible digital citizenship, and anytime/anywhere learning
Fulton County Teachers doing the Human Knot Activity

Fulton County Teachers doing the Human Knot Activity

What iSi Certified Teachers are saying about this program:

Besides all of the awesome technology ideas, I learned to be more confident in my own knowledge and where I want to take my teaching in the future. I’ve been able to mold a solid starting foundation in training other teachers and implementing these ideas in my own classroom. Y’all are amazing!!
— Weatherford Independent School District, TX
This is what it is all about! Exposing our staff to best-practices for teaching and learning in the digital age. iSi does this extremely well by fostering a safe environment for teachers to take risks and learn about new instructional strategies.
— Aledo Independent School District, TX

iSi Leadership Program

Build a strong vision for the technology initiative, including all stakeholders. 


This two-day Think Tank creates a forum where district leadership identify and discuss what technology is right for the district, how to build culture in the process, and how to create policies and procedures that complement their vision. We partner with district leaders and a select group of stakeholders to ensure that the educational community develops a sustainable technology integration model that supports active teaching and learning with mobile devices. The goals of this program are to:

  • Gain perspective of the district’s technology initiative and WHY it matters
  • Build a strong vision for the technology initiative, including all stakeholders
  • Identify and discuss what technology is right for the district, how to build culture in the process, and how to create policies and procedures that complement the vision

One of the exercises we go through is a device matrix to help district leadership create an objective process for choosing the right device. This process can be modified to select software and other components as well, and it’s especially helpful when there is disagreement within the committee.

Here’s an example of the spreadsheet we use to facilitate this process. It’s important to note that we begin by having district leaders establish five major goals that everyone can agree on. After this, we create criteria on which to measure goal achievement. Then we have the committee assign a numeric value to how well each device choice accomplishes each of the criteria. This brings an even-handed approach to picking the right device for your district. We also strongly encourage including at least two to three student representatives to be part of the committee think-tank.