Create the Plan - How We Will Get There

The mobile integration plan is delivered in an interactive web format. This password protected website contains all of the following items and can be easily accessed on any device or printed for reference. The plan uses information gathered in Phase I and II outlining the following sections:

Section 1 Integration Road Map

  • Vision / Goals

  • Challenges / Obstacles

  • Solutions

  • Integration Timeline overview

Section 2 Integration Timeline

The Integration Timeline is a detailed breakdown of specific dates associated with each action item throughout the course of your mobile initiative. The suggested items and dates are a starting point for your plan. The Integration Timeline is meant to change and evolve as you make your way through each phase of deployment.

Section 3 Needs Assessment

  • Mobile integration readiness  

  • District demographics

  • Survey data: students, teachers, administrators, parents

  • Cost savings

  • District statistics (problem areas, success areas)

  • Infrastructure analysis

Section 4 Estimated Budget

  • Project scope and overall budget

  • Potential savings

A technology plan is always evolving and improving. The plan will be updated regularly as the district moves through implementation.