iSi Leadership Summit

iSchool Initiative and Cisco have partnered to put together an event around supporting district leaders in 1:1 or BYOD initiatives. Not only will you hear from national leaders, but you will also have time to collaborate and share best practices with each other.

Cisco - This group is the main host and leader of the conference.

  • Registering attendee’s, securing a venue, providing lunch

  • Providing the right technical equipment for presenter rooms

iSchool Initiative - This group provides content for conference.

  • Scheduling for the day

  • Creating and delivering the keynotes, workshops, and DLR Tour bus

Attendee’s - The event will be targeted towards key decision makers and current Cisco clients. The goal is to have 30 to 40 people attend, representing 5 to 10 districts. This may include the following:

  • Superintendents

  • Assistant superintendents

  • Directors of technology

  • IT leaders

  • Instructional leaders

Technology has become a huge part of the classroom but, unfortunately, it is not always used as effectively as it can be. Schools, Districts, and even Countries all seem to be “recreating the wheel” - implementing mobile deployments and making the same mistakes as others. More “cross-pollination” and sharing of best practices is essential for school districts to create a learning initiative that leads to success. In addition, we want to help Cisco go beyond the IT conversation.