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Building Culture

DLR Tour Bus

Step inside our 38-foot classroom-on-wheels and experience a complete mobile solution for schools. 

MSRP $5000

Cisco Pricing $4000


Motivational speaker Travis Allen has a unique way of stimulating thought and reflection on the most essential questions in education today.

Becoming a Mobile Learner

A morning keynote to set the stage and build excitement around technology innovations in education.

MSRP $7,000 (Pricing is for each Keynote)

Cisco Pricing $4000

Travis Allen


iSi Pep Rally

Who: Students

Time: One full day per school

Goal: To show students what it means to be a mobile learner and leave them with an excitement for learning.


Who: Teachers

Time: One to two days, 6 to 8 hours each day

Goal: Leave teachers with an excitement for the technology initiative, and a thirst to learn more on their own.

District Leadership Summit

Who: Administrators

Time: One day, 4 to 6 hours

Goal: To lead discussion that brings new perspective and vision to technology in the classroom.

Community Awareness

Who: Parents

Time: 2 hours in the evening

Goal: Bring awareness to parents and the community on why technology initiatives are vital to their children's success.


iSchool Advocate Student Program

Training for high school students to be student leaders in their school’s mobile technology initiative.

MSRP $21,000 (20 High School Students)

iSi Certified Teacher Program 

Three days of intensive training designed to prepare teachers to lead mobile integration in their school.

MSRP $17,500 (10 Teachers)

Technology Planning

Building the Roadmap

We work with school leaders to create or compliment their current strategic plan. We create an adaptable plan that makes transition manageable, and support the school every step of the way towards a 1:1, or a BYOD model.

MSRP $10,000

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