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What's it like working on our team?

You'll probably like our culture if:

  • You are fluent in the language of GIF's

  • Your fortnight dance skills are on point

  • Your friends consider you a subject matter expert on all things Disney

  • You like honest and direct feedback

  • You don't mind wearing multiple hats in a day, literally and figuratively depending on the day

  • You want coworkers who are family

You may not like our culture if:

  • You thrive on a consistent, predictable routine

  • You don't like having fun with kids

  • You use the phrases "I deserve" or "I can't"

  • You like cats more than dogs

  • You don't like Thai food

  • You haven't learned anything new in the past week

*iSchool is a non-discriminatory workplace. Learn more Here

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