Recommended programs for all districts under BOCES.

iSi Certified Programs

Identify and train your local students and teachers to lead your technology initiative. 

iSchool Advocate Student Program

Empower students to model, inspire, and facilitate change through technology at the local school level.

✪ Create positive agents for change that help facilitate ongoing technology initiatives throughout the district while learning important STEM, leadership, and collaboration skills

✪ Model 21st century learning (ISTE Standards for Students) 

✪ Create projects that inform, build excitement for, and support technology learning initiatives

iSi Certified Teacher Program 

Empower teachers to model, inspire, and facilitate 21st Century Teaching and Learning at the local school level.

✪ Create positive agents for change

✪ Model 21st Century Teaching and Learning (ISTE Standards for Teachers and Coaches) 

✪ Enable teachers with the resources and confidence to provide professional development that informs, builds excitement for, and supports Technology Learning Initiatives

iSchool Advocate Program Involvement ➦

10-20 students per school to participate in the iSi Certified Student Program

1 or 2 teachers per school to continue supporting and advising the students in their projects for the rest of the school year. They should attend the three-day face to face training if possible.

Principal from each school to aid with implementation

3 days to facilitate the Student Advocate Program; 6 hours each day

DLR Tour Bus

Step inside our 38-foot classroom-on-wheels and experience a complete mobile solution for schools. 


Motivational speaker Travis Allen has a unique way of stimulating thought and reflection on the most essential questions in education today.

Becoming a Mobile Learner Travis Allen

A morning keynote to set the stage and build excitement around technology innovations in education.

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