Our Fuel

Everyone needs inspiration. It's the fuel that drives us to achieve extraordinary things. It motivates us to reach for something greater, and continue to push even in the fear of failure. It's the spark that triggers combustion in the great engine of curiosity and learning. And so, it's natural for us to want to learn from people who inspire us.

In our line of work we're fortunate to come across these people often. We've been inspired by teachers who lead advanced discussion about digital citizenship in their fourth grade classrooms; administrators who pioneer a new initiative, and then pave the road for their entire district; students who lead the way to improving their own school by developing projects that solve real problems; and parents who are always there to lend a helping hand. 

These are the people we work with on a daily basis, and we're constantly inspired by everything they do to improve learning. They create new paradigms, and shatter the rigid dogma of industrial age teaching. They inject passion and meaning into every lesson. They make learning fun. They are the fuel that drives us. They are you...

Thank you. 


The iSchool Initiative Team

iSchool Initiative