#K12ArtChallenge PERCEPTION: The Environment

For an example that represents the effects of the environment visually we can look back to a visual phenomenon - the relativity of color.

Looking at the image, which circle is brighter, the one of the left or the one on the right?

Are you sure? They are actually both identical, and that is one of the tricky things about color, our perception of it is affected by the color surrounding it. 

Just as IRL (in real life), individual elements within a larger composition are influenced by their surroundings. 

This week we will explore how our environment shapes our perception. At school, at home, online, around our friends...We are constantly influenced. Here is an extreme example of the effect environment can have in early childhood. (Video Note: Elementary school teachers, note that the video explores an emotionally heavy theme)

The environment shapes the brain, which shapes perception, which in turn changes the way you react.


The Challenge

The last art challenge in the PERCEPTION series is to create an artwork that explores the effects of our Environment on our Perception. All media accepted.

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