#K12ArtChallenge PERCEPTION

We've partnered with Aledo ISD, TX to host an Art Education Challenge each week in April! The theme is Perception.

Perception is the basis of human experience. Without it, art doesn't exist. It is important to know how much it can be trusted, its limits, how it can be manipulated, and how it can differ in individuals. 

We kick off this week's challenge with: 

SYNESTHESIA - The melding of the senses

What kinds of synesthesia are out there? What is it like to experience it?

See the video for an introduction. We encourage you to review the additional resources, as well as research and learn more on your own.

Are you a synesthete? Find out:  http://synesthete.org

The Challenge

Create an artwork that explores what it could be like to experience different kinds of synesthesia. All media and art forms are accepted - digital, real media, 3D, video, sound, performance, movement, etc. Feel free to combine different media as you see fit.

Share your work on Twitter #K12ArtChallenge #ArtEd.

We made a Board on Pinterest to share resources. We invite teachers to share.

We will showcase an artwork from every grade level on the DLR Tour bus and our website. You will have a potential audience of over 30,000 people through these outlets. Learn More here.

Coming up, later in the month:

  • Optical illusions 
  • Pareidolia
  • Environment
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