The Digital Learning Revolution Tour (DLR Tour)

For the past three years, iSchool Initiative has been touring the country to give students and teachers a glimpse into their future classrooms. When we first started to spread the message of mobile learning, not everyone was convinced this is the future. Today, the question is no longer “Why”, but “How”. 


With the DLR Tour, our goal is to inspire and motivate educators across the U.S. and provide a roadmap for this imminent change. Instead of asking people to show up to a conference, we are bringing the mobile classroom experience to their school’s doorstep. This way, the experience isn’t limited to only a select group of educators who were sent to a regional EdTech event. Everyone can take part, and everyone can begin a discussion about the possibilities surrounding EdTech integration.

When you include all the stakeholders in an organization, you create a positive culture, and that is often the most important component which determines the success or failure of a district’s EdTech initiative. This is why we’re on tour. When we visit schools we focus on creating a positive culture by raising awareness, building excitement, and answering the question “How”.

Along with exciting presentations, we use this 38-foot classroom on wheels to showcase our solutions for mobile technology integration for both 1:1 and BYOD initiatives. 


We want to spread the word and offer this opportunity to schools across the country, so we thought it would be nice to organize a twitter contest. Chances are, we’ll be in your area at some point this year (reference interactive map). If you’re interested in seeing the bus and building excitement for your school/district, tweet @iSchoolAdvocate with the hashtag #DLRtour and tell us why the bus should visit your school.