Keynote - 3:00 PM, March 28, 2018


500 Dyer Street, Building H, Orcutt, CA 93455

The Association of California School Administrators - North Santa Barbara County Charter and iSchool Initiative proudly partner with the Orcutt Union, Santa Maria-Bonita, Guadalupe Union, and Lompoc Unified School Districts to host a unique regional event. This Keynote event is designed for district leadership and others interested in hearing a message about the importance of lifelong learning. Superintendents, District Office Staff, Principals, IT staff, Instructional faculty, and others interested in maximizing your organization’s technology potential are invited to this event.

Keynote - Travis Allen will share his insights on Becoming a Lifelong Learner

The tools and resources our students have at their disposal has created a need for a new set of skills. In today’s society, it's imperative for our students to become passionate lifelong learners who have the ability to problem solve and manage an unknown future. Take a journey with iSchool Initiative Founder Travis Allen to see what it takes to be a lifelong learner, and explore the power of student voice.


Interactive Session - Escape the Bus

Join us to explore the concepts of gamified problem-based learning via our Escape the Bus experience! Participants will work as a team in order to go through each station and solve a problem to discover the secrets of lifelong learning. In the process of finding clues, participants will learn about new technology to use in the classroom, the importance of student voice, and the history of iSchool Initiative! Most of all, you will have fun!